Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yoga Alliance Africa

A full circle has turned, Yoga Alliance Africa is back.

Way back in 2000/2001, the first Yoga Alliance Africa (YAA) was set up with the understanding that it was acceptable as a name for an organisation in Africa to register yoga teachers and yoga schools. The first ‘Yoga Alliance’ was initiated in the USA in 1999 and the board governing the organisation was happy that YAA could exist as a similar and yet completely separate entity, with no affiliation whatsoever. There was great excitement throughout the African continent and many qualified Yoga Teachers listed on the website. As time progressed many more supported the organisation and the policies it upheld.

A few years later, a phone call from a new member of the American Yoga Alliance, indicated that YAA was no longer an appropriate name and it should not and could not be used anymore. Threatened legal action (very non-yogic) ensued and the YAA name was dropped. The organisation then became: Africa Yoga Federation, however enthusiasm had been dampened and the newly named organisation lost momentum. That was until a few weeks ago when Yoga Alliance International, based in India, happily embraced their African counterpart yogis and gave the name Yoga Alliance Africa to the organisation. They could see many similarities in the policies, standards, mission and vision.

So here in the eleventh hour of 2012, Yoga Alliance Africa is back, with enthusiasm, zeal and passion! See the website at: www.yoga.org.za or take a look at Yoga Alliance International’s website: http://yogaalliance.in

Ananda Sanga Educational Institute is a registered school with Yoga Alliance Africa and Yoga Alliance International and yoga teachers trained at the institute are accepted as members.

Yoga Alliance Africa is open for any individual Yoga Teacher or Yoga School to register, providing they fulfil all the criteria and uphold the ideals and standards of the Yoga Alliance International.